Introduction to Driving

Is teaching your loved one to drive putting a strain on your relationship?  Save yourself the stress and allow us to help!  We can help move the student from the parking lot to the roadway and help get in the DMV required driving hours to obtain a learner’s permit. Each session is 60 minutes.  Cost – $75

Teen Behind The Wheel

This DMV accredited training consists of seven (7) sessions of 50 minutes of observation and 50 minutes of driving.  After successful completion , students will be issued a temporary driver’s license . * We offer convenient times and can accomodate most pickup/dropoff requests. Our cars are equipped with the latest safety features, including passenger brakes.  *Students must have completed the VA approved driver-education program, have had a valid learner’s permit for 9 months and the required 45 hours of driving as required by the DMV.     Cost – $375 

Adult Waiver/Over 18

Students over 18 can take  this course to obtain a driver’s license.  This DMV accredited course consists of seven (7) sessions of 50 minutes of observation and 50 minutes of driving.  After successful completion of this course, the student will be issued a certificate of waiver which can be provided to the DMV to obtain a license, waiving the 60 day waiting period and the required road test at the DMV.  Students must have completed a VA approved driver education classroom program.  Cost Includes the required road test. Cost – $425

One on One Private Lessons

We offer several private lesson options.  These lessons are designed to focus on specific skills where improvement is needed.  Each session is 90 minutes.     

Cost:  $110 for 1 session                                                    $300 for 3 sessions                                                $475 for 5 sessions

Driver Skills Evaluation

Are you worried that you or your loved one’s driving skills have diminished?  Is your  child ready to safely drive on their own?  Confronting these issues are often  necessary but difficult.  Leave the hard conversations to us.  We offer a 60 minute driver assessment and provide and an unbiased evaluation, giving you peace of mind. Cost – $75

Classroom Training

The DMV approved driver education program is typically offered in 10th grade PE classes.  If you are looking to take a driver improvement course to remove points on your license, we have partnered with BJ & Gators Driving School. They offer classroom Driver Improvement, Defensive Driving, and Re-exam/3-Time Failure courses.  For more information, visit